How to Sell on Jantacart

Become a Jantacart seller and join 2 lakh+ sellers who are growing their business everyday


  1. Sign up for free
    Register as a Jantacart Seller. All you need is an active bank account and your GSTIN number.

  2. upload your product & catalog
    After completing the registration, upload your product/sarees catalog on the Jantcart Supplier Panel.

  3. Receive & Ship Orders
    Jantacart charges the lowest shipping cost for deliveries across India.

  4. Receive Payments
    Payment is securely deposited directly to your bank account on Jantacart following a 3-day payment cycle from order delivery, including Cash on Delivery orders.

Register Your Account

To start selling on Jantacart, you need to first create an account on Jantacart. All you need is:

-->Mobile Number & Email ID
-->GST Number
-->Active Bank Account with the same GST

Once you have provided these details, enter your Store Name which will be the name of your online business. Add the Pickup Address from which orders will be picked up by our logistics partners. And, that’s all. Your free account on Jantacart will be created.

Listing Your Product

On completing the registration, you will have access to the Jantacart Seller Panel.
What is the Jantacart Seller Panel?
Jantacart Seller Panel is the one-stop solution for all your online selling needs. From listing your products and managing inventory to processing orders and tracking payments, log in to the Seller panel and manage your online business with ease. The process is simple, and to know more you can watch the below video.
You will need to upload your catalog to start selling on Jantacart. You will be able to upload your product catalog by logging on to the Jantacart Seller Panel.

What Is A Catalog?

A catalog is basically the list of products that you want to sell. You can upload a single catalog or you can upload catalogs in bulk using a csv (excel) file. Within each catalog, you can have a minimum of 1 product and a maximum of 20 products of the same category that you want to sell.
For example, you want to sell 6 sarees, then within the same catalog, you can upload all the 6 products together. But if you want to sell 1 saree and 1 kurta, you will have to upload a different catalog for each category.

How To Upload A Catalog?

It is now very easy to upload single catalogs or bulk catalogs on Jantacart! The product catalog gets live post 24-48 hours from the time of upload.
While uploading a catalog, you will have to select a category first and then upload the product images. Uploading more than one image for your product is recommended to give the customers a better view of your product. For each product, you will have to then fill in details like the Price, GTN, SKU, etc.
It is recommended that you create a catalog with at least 10-15 products to increase the chances of getting an order. We also recommend uploading at least 5-7 catalogs in the first few days to get better visibility

Getting Orders

Once your catalog becomes live, you can start selling on Jantacart. More than 10 crore+ active customers across India will be able to view and purchase your products. To increase your sales and attract more customers, you can:
  • List more catalogs
    It usually takes 5-7 catalogs to start getting orders on Jantacart. The more catalogs you upload, the better are your chances of getting orders.
  • Set the Right Price
    To set the right price of the products you want to sell on Jantacart, consider the associated costs and margin. Set a competitive price for the products so that the customers find them more appealing than the competitive brands.
  • Use Price Recommendation Tool
    You can use the price recommendation tool to arrive at a competitive price and increase your sales and visibility by getting an edge over other sellers.
  • Right Trend
    Customers always prefer fresh and unique trends. So, try to list trending products to get more orders.

Delivery & Payment

When you receive an order for your product, you are notified via email. You can also check the order update on the Jantacart Seller panel.
Jantacart charges you the lowest shipping cost for deliveries across India. Our logistics partner picks up the product from your location and delivers it straight to the customer

Payment for Orders

The payment for your orders is securely deposited directly in your bank account on the 3rd day from order delivery, including Cash on Delivery orders. (If your product is delivered on 1st January 2022, the payment for that order will be deposited in your bank account on 4th January 2022.