Why An Elica Kitchen Hood?

Elica kitchen hoods are tailored to be in sync with your cooking needs. Elica understands the importance of having a completely noise and odour-free cooking experience. This is why, the range of kitchen hoods we offer, are designed using innovative technological solutions to lower the noise levels and purify the air that flows in the kitchen.

Here are the reasons as to why you should opt for Elica kitchen hood.


elica kitchen hoods

Elica Deep Silence

The hoods presented by Elica are the quietest that you will ever come across as they are equipped with Elica Deep Silence System. The technology integrated in them is dedicated to provide you with a peaceful cooking experience. Every hood is equipped with an extractor fan that is so silent that you won’t hear it working even when it runs at a low speed. More importantly, the system reduces the levels of noise without compromising on the quality of performance. Besides this, these hoods lessen the household noise pollution by 35% in comparison to the common extractor hoods available.

elica kitchen hoods

External Motor

The hoods at Elica can be aptly fitted with a remote motor system that can be installed outside your kitchen or even outside your home. So comparing the same model with an internal motor, the external motor enhances the performance of the extractor by a good 35% while it lessens the noise levels by 20%.