Mixer grinders or mixies are one of the most common household items in India. The mixie replaces our traditional stone grinders and is indispensable to Indian cooking. Sujata is a popular Indian brand offering mixer grinders for a couple of decades. Lately, with international players entering the market, Sujata has found it a little tough. We urge our Indian readers to buy products made in India by Indian companies.


The Sujata Powermatic Plus performs several tasks: mixing, grinding, juice extraction, and coconut milk extraction. The Sujata Powermatic is a direct response

This mixie is a popular choice in juice parlors, hotels, and cafes. The Powermatic Plus is a reliable and a proven workhorse. It is capable of running non-stop for 90mins.


You can control the Sujata Powermatic by using its 3 Speed with Rotary action switch and whipper button. This mixie also comes with a 2.15m power chord. This length should be sufficient for most kitchens.


The overall build quality is robust and solid. The blades of the Sujata Powermatic Plus are 100% stainless steel. However, its body is made from ABS plastic.


900W powerful motor that can do its job quickly and efficiently

Capable of performing multiple tasks

Powerful 22000RPM motor that can grind even the toughest ingredients

Shockproof ABS body for a more durable and long-lasting performance

2-year warranty on the product



Loud and noisy, can become unbearable when grinding hard items like pepper, turmeric, and urad dhal

Average to poor customer service

Overall build quality needs improvement

At over ₹7500, it is an expensive home appliance